Advent of Code Preparations


Advent of code starts at December 1 every year and it will continue till December 25. Each day you will get 2 problems to solve.


What can you learn in Advent of code ?

I tried advent of code in following years but i am able to complete Day 4 problems in 2019 and Day 7 in 2020 only. This year my goal is to complete all 25 Day challenges and try to solve it using TDD(Test Driven Development) style.

TDD style

More on TDD

Preparation the environment

Automate Directory Creation


echo "Which Day challenger ?"
read DAY

mkdir "$DIRPATH"

swift package init

# I prefare library if you prepare executable file use below command
#swift package init --type=executable

# If you prefare solving in XCode, uncomment next line.
# swift package generate-xcodeproj

Let see how it goes.

If you like to get along and start solving challenges, you are all welcome. If you manage to complete all challenge. I wil present you a small prize (First Come First Serve)