New begining

Previously i used blogspot to manage blog. I thought for every long time that i need to host my own website using static site generator which will be easy to maintain and i can customize almost anything in the website.

key functionality that i need

I am not posting any new article in my blogspot for quite a long time now. Searching lot of software finally choose to continue my blogging journey using Zola static site generator which is written in Rust and it is opensource.

Reason for choosing Zola:

what can you expect from this blog

It is not only limited to above, i will try to write article out of scope if topics are interesting. I want to encourage others to write blog about things they passionate about.

There are rooms to improve blog apperance, i am in bit hurry to deploy it as fast as possible. so i want to concentrate on article as far now. once i have free time i will try to make blog apperance much more polish and add few functionality.

Writing article

Articles are written in markdown.Can use any editor to write and we can also use mobile phones. Markdown syntax are simple and easy to learn.more info on markdown click here

Known issues [Fixed]

Currently search doesnot work. I donot know why the search index are not generated properly.working on it will fix it soon.


You have few problems when making your blog with static site generator among those most important for me is comments.

You need to put extra effort in configuring comment section in static site generator. i was planned to use disqus it is great but for free tier they display ads. I don’t want any ads in my site so i was searching for alternatives and i find out utterances which uses github issue’s as comments which is pretty cool :).But it has one downside though you need to have github account to post comment. I decided to choose this because most of the article going to target developers, so they have a github account and I encourage others to create account in github.It can be used for other purpose too such maintaining notes and other stuff.


I used github to store my blog whenever i want to update my blog, just pushing a new changes to particular repository will update the blog but now you may ask how you are going to host the blog. There is option to host the respository as blog in github but i used other service which is Netlify.


I used Netlify to host my blog.Netlify can be configured to run the build command automatically when i push new changes to github. so you donot need to manually update the blog.

That’s it…

This blog uses Zulma theme which is available in here. Thanks to Zola developers for creating this software.